Climate Governance Initiative

Board Structure and Capability for Climate

27 June 2023

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Increasingly, boards are assessing what governance structures and director skill-sets will best support their organisations to lead on reducing the impacts of climate change and in adapting organisations to a future zero-carbon economy.

Chapter Zero NZ in collaboration with the Institute of Directors, Hobson Leavy, KPMG and the Sustainable Business Council have created a collection of resources to support New Zealand directors and boards in identifying the best board structure and director capabilities for their organisation.

Board structure and capability: An overview of options to consider when establishing board structures and director capabilities required to ensure climate risks and opportunities are understood, managed and reported.


Board structure quick guide: A one-page analysis of the pros and cons of different board structure options to support climate action.


New Zealand board structure case studies: Examples of how boards in New Zealand are structuring themselves to meet the climate change challenge.