Climate Governance Initiative

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Climate Governance

6 November 2023

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The findings reported in this report are based on a survey that we conducted to uncover the barriers to act on Climate Change within the Board of Directors. Climate Change is the defining challenge of our time and is already impacting businesses across industries, with these impacts intensifying over time. The risks posed by Climate Change, including physical, regulatory, and reputational risks, requires strategic action with the Board of Directors well placed to guide their companies through the transition. These risks are largely seen as material, with more than 90% of respondents agreeing that Climate Change is already or will impact their businesses. However, many Board Members encounter barriers that hinder them from acting strategically and effectively on Climate Change. By overcoming these barriers they can navigate the risks, leverage the opportunities, and drive sustainable growth for their companies while supporting the transition to a decarbonised economy. More information is available here: